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Low Carb Frühstückskekse – Staupitopia Zuckerfrei

❤️️ Die besten Low Carb Rezepte von Staupitopia Zuckerfrei

Diese Low Carb Frühstückskekse sind perfekt für alle, die morgens nicht viel Zeit haben, die sich ihr Frühstück gerne mitnehmen oder morgens gerne nur einen kleinen Snack zu sich nehmen möchten. Soft, aber durch das beinhaltete Low Carb Müsli dennoch Crunchy – das macht die Low Carb Frühstückskekse als kleinen Snack am Morgen für mich perfekt. #lowcarb #frükstück

Wedding Catering: Buffet Or Service

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Another conundrum for soon-to-be married couples is the dilemma of having servers versus having a buffet for the reception. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s look at both sides before you make your decision.

At the buffet table

The first and most obvious upshot of having a buffet style dinner at the wedding is the opportunity for all of the guests to choose what they want to eat. This way everyone is happy and they can have as much or as little as they want. There can be multiple things for various dietary restrictions as well as a multitude of side dishes for the vegetarian that hates getting pasta at every wedding.

But the downside of the buffet table is that things that are popular will run out. If you do not plan ahead for shortages, then you may have guests that didn’t get what they really wanted to eat. In terms of movement, the buffet table can be tricky. The bride may have troubles moving up there and might be afraid to spill anything on her dress, as other may be as well. Trying to find ways to serve items without having a large opportunity for spillage will help to avoid any dry cleaning bills.

The service is excellent

Having servers for the reception is a classy and easy way to keep everyone happy during the reception. Not only will no one have to move until the dance, but the servers can also attend to any problems without the couple even knowing about them. Drinks can also be served, which is wonderful for everyone—no more needing to get up and down during dinner.

On the other hand, this excellent service does come with a price tag. It will be costlier to have staff waiting on the guests, especially with more guests. You will also take the chance of the staff being nice to the head table and not to the rest of the guests. The best advice is to interview each staff member as well before the reception.

Both buffets and service are great options for reception dinners. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, then the buffet will be great, but for the more formal occasion, service is best. You may want to stop and consider your guests at this point. If they’re older and don’t move around well, service is a great way to keep them comfortable.

Aloe-Vera Sprühkur. Für bessere Kämmbarkeit der Haare. Ohne Auswaschen.
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