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Wedding Hairstyles: A 7 Step Plan For Perfect Hair

Much preparation has to go into the bride’s dress, and so should her crowning glory, the hair. Follow this simple guide on how to plan for the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Weeks before your wedding day choose a hairdresser that will make your do at the wedding. Find a hairdresser that is recommended by someone you know and trust; someone that they had a good experience with.

1. Establish a good rapport with the hairdresser. You should be comfortable in discussing with him or her on the style and look you want. Some hairdressers insist on some do that they dreamed would be made for them. Be firm in telling him or her what you want and don’t want.

2. Discuss in length the shape of your face in relation to the hairstyle that he or she proposes. Try the following styles:

-Up do’s signify elegance and this is what most brides want.

-Tired of the bun? Achieve the same polished look with braids instead. From cornrows to French twists, there are numerous interesting ways to set your hair in place.

-Letting your hair down, especially of the mid-length can emanate romance. Flip the edges out for a little retro look.

-Short hair can be spruced up with color highlights or shiny curls.

3. Ask to schedule a practice session to mock-up the intended hair do for your wedding day. You may need to pay extra for this mock-up session, but it’s worth the buck to ensure you look lovely during your wedding.

4. Part of the mock-up is for you to carry the hairstyle. Check side and rear views for how the hairstyle looks and make sure it is made to your liking. You are the center of attention on the wedding day, so you should be beautiful 360 degrees!

5. Walk around the salon with your hairstyle. Try to bob your head abit or do other head movements that you think will happen on wedding day. Make sure your hairstyle withstands all the head activity and that you and your scalp will be comfortable for hours.

6. Now, traditionally, they say it is bad luck to try on your wedding dress before the wedding day. But you need to be sure that your hairstyle matches the gown. Don’t worry; you can still approximate the look by using other dresses. Look for a dress that has the same collar style as your wedding dress. Then put on something that approximates the same lines of your wedding gown. View yourself on the mirror, and imagine yourself in white… does the hairstyle match?

7. On the eve of the wedding, get a head massage, on second thought, get a whole body massage! This relaxes your body, opens your pores and freshens up your skin.

Gets yourself ready for your momentous event: plan for your wedding day hairstyle and achieve the perfect wedding day look!

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